A few small things can make a big difference when selling your home.

De-clutter. Remove all clutter from your home. Anything sitting on tables, desks, shelves, etc. that aren’t being used should be packed up. Take out all garbages. Clean any yard clutter.

Revamp. Make any minor repairs. Give a fresh coat of paint to areas that need it. Try to remove all odors and stains. 

De-personalize. Take out any personal items from your house. This will include photos, souvenirs, religious decor, etc. Buyers want to picture themselves in the house. A good strategy for this is to pretend you’re moving out of your house and pack up all your personal belongings 

Staging. Before you open your house for showings, stage your house. This is an important step that makes sure your home is looking its best. Keep decor neutral. Open all curtains and turn on all lights. Hang fresh towels. Make all beds. Stage the exterior of your house as well. Tend to landscaping, weed gardens, paint. If you have a backyard set out furniture.

Condition. One of the best ways to stay competitive in the real estate market is with the condition of your home. Complete as many repairs as you can. Including knicks, scratches, stains, bad doorknobs, etc. Consider having a termite inspection, as well as any other home inspections you see fit.

Leave some stuff behind. A great way to distinguish your home from others on the market is to leave behind some of your personal property. Ideally kitchen appliances, TV’s, furniture in good condition, and any area related property such as a golf cart if you live near a golf course.

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