Properties in Lake Cypress Springs, TX

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Properties in Lake Cypress Springs, TX

Lake Cypress Springs Real Estate - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for people looking to purchase Lake Cypress Springs Real Estate 

When deciding to purchase a piece of property in the Lake Cypress Springs area clients usually have similar questions.  Hopefully I can answer a few here.  If you have more questions about Lake Cypress Springs and available Real Estate, please call me @ 903-285-0185 or email me at
Lake Cypress Springs is located seven miles south of Mt Vernon and 10 miles north of Winnsboro in the “piney woods” area of Northeast Texas. Lake Cypress Springs is a a popular vacation home destination; 100 miles east of Dallas and 80 miles west of Texarkana.
Lake Cypress Springs, home to our real estate agent
Franklin County is in the heart of “East Texas Lake Country”. Franklin County is the home of Lake Cypress Springs, a recreational paradise.

Waterfront Homes on Lake Cypress Springs are located on either the North or South side of the lake. The two sides are joined by FM 115 on the west and the Dam on the east thus allowing motorists to circle the lake.  

Are there homes for sale in private communities on Lake Cypress Springs?
Yes, the lake is primarily comprised of gated communities managed by Property Owners Associations. The following is a list of the communities located around Lake Cypress Springs.

Is there a Marina located on Lake Cypress Springs?
Tall Tree Marina is located at 4445 FM 2723, just north of Overlook Park. It is open every weekend for fuel and food sales. Automated fuel pumps were installed in 2012 for both boat and automobile fuel.  

What is the location of the boat launch sites on Lake Cypress Springs?
The following sites host boat launches.

Are there parks for public use on Lake Cypress Springs?
Lake Cypress Springs is surrounded by 869 acres of public parks owned and maintained by the Franklin County Water District. The Parks and their locations are listed below. A complete list of parks and their facilities may be accessed via the following website.

What is the maximum size of boat allowed on Lake Cypress Springs?
Boats and other watercraft allowed on the lake may not exceed 26 feet in length and 12 feet in width.

What are the predominant fish species located in Lake Cypress Springs?
A list provided by the Franklin County Water District is detailed below.

Who manages Lake Cypress Springs?
The lake is managed by the Franklin County Water District which is a conservation and reclamation district.