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Lake Cypress Springs Newsletter
Jun 18, 2015

Welcome to News & Activities at Lake Cypress Springs!

Pick Berries by the Bushel

East Texas hosts a number of farms where berries are picked by visitors by the bushel.  Each place offers a unique spot to really appreciate where the food originates.

Blueberry Hill Farms in Edom is a prime spot to pick blueberries and blackberries.  They are open all of June and July.  Their Country Store is stocked with ice cream, lemonade, pies, muffins, jams, and turnovers. 

Efurd Orchards is just south of Pittsburg on Highway 271.  They not only farm strawberries, blueberries and blackberries, but many fruits and vegetables available for picking.  Gift baskets, jams, salsas, pies and much more are available for purchase on site.

Texas Blueberry Farm is home to 2,200 mature blueberry bushes dating back to 1986.  Located in Avinger, the farm covers three acres and has three varieties of blueberries growing on site.

Alford Family Easy Pickins Farm is located in Emory and hosts five acres of blueberry and blackberry vines. This is their first year to host the public for picking berries but they are more than ready. After picking guests may spend time on their farm with the friendly goats, chickens, and “oreo” cows.


Earlier this year we featured the Best Of............Listed below are a few more for your enjoyment.



Beth’s Little Farm Market in Lindale. Although they grow and prepare produce with sustainable and regenerative techniques, Beth’s Little Farm Market definitely does not have to grow on East Texans. Beth’s offers a plentiful range of produce and products including okra and tomatoes, pickles and peppers, eggplants and green beans, melons and more. Sadly, the market is only open during complimentary seasons and closed during the winter. 104 N. Main St.



East Texas Arboretum and Botanical Society in Athens. Featuring 100 acres of wooded beauty, luscious trees, flowers, and East Texas wildlife, it’s no wonder why the East Texas Arboretum is a favorite place to take an afternoon stroll. Visitors explore the forest as they trek along two miles of trails and make their way along spring-fed streams connected by a 115-foot suspension bridge. Top the retreat by experiencing the historic Wofford House Museum located at the Arboretum. The home built in 1850 holds period furnishings and memorabilia of the early pioneer days. 1601 Patterson Rd. 903.675.5630.


BEST PLACE TO Lake Cypress Springs clients’ favorite



 Lavender Mermaid in Pittsburg was selected as one of the best places to stay in the Upper East Side of Texas. Magical and meticulously detailed with a caring touch, this bed and breakfast is the chosen retreat of East Texans looking to get away from everyday hustle and bustle. The property contains four separate cottages in order for guests to get away with necessary privacy, encompassed by lavender when in season. The cottages have fine Turkish linens and cozy beds. Guests appreciate the Mermaid’s eye for detail. Each bathroom offers organic lavender-infused bath products and lavender truffles rest next to bedsides. Guests rave about the breakfast, delivered in a metal picnic basket and consisting of local eggs, scones, fruit salad in lavender syrup, and more. 975 CR 1332. 903.855.1923.


Enjoy your week on Lake Cypress Springs ! Thank you for joining us each week to read our articles.


Wendy Lynn & Allan Rogers

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