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Properties in Lake Cypress Springs, TX

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Feb 22, 2016


Lone Republic Steakhouse & Bar will feature hand cut Angus Certified Steaks that are fired on an open flame to the exact temperature of your choosing. The Chef will also prepare weekend specials that will feature seasonal ingredients. Lunches will feature Angus Certified beef burgers and chicken fried steak as well as an assortment of sandwiches and salads.
206 Market St. 903-347-6526

ALBERT & GAGE February 27th Winnsboro Center For The Arts 

We are honored that Albert & Gage are coming to the Bowery Stage. Albert and Gage were regulars at Crossroads Music Company and they continue to be a Winnsboro favorite, making their second appearance with us on Feb 27! "Their set list on any given night will range from Ray Charles to Kimmie Rhodes to Chrissie Hynde, to Erik Moll to Gram Parsons to Bob Dylan to Albert and Gage. Its fun, it's serious, it's meaningful music and it's real life. Albert and Gage style. "As the world gets more fractured and more dysfunctional and more violent, music and musicians arise, I think, drawn to balancing that, drawn to filling that gap," Christine Albert said. Perhaps to underscore that point, the husband and wife duo often close their concerts with the Bob Dylan song Forever Young." 
Kerry Dexter, Music Correspondent

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