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Dec 14, 2015

Saturday night we received a significant amount of rain. We checked our clients’ properties Sunday morning and although the water level is higher properties are not in jeopardy. The dam will function as planned and we anticipate the water levels will start to level out overnight.    


Many of you know that Allan and I enjoy cooking and entertaining. I come by it naturally as my Mother is an amazing cook and my sister is an accomplished professional chef. Allan is a natural and many have enjoyed his wonderful BBQ meals. This past weekend we hosted a Christmas party. We wanted to share with you our menu that was loved by all.  In lieu of a formal dinner we opted for an appetized menu.  

Scottish Smoked Salmon w/ Sour Cream, Pickles Onion, Capers, Dill and Lemon

Brie Cheese w/ Brown Sugar, Pecans, Kahlua (Heated in Microwave) w/ Assorted Crackers

Marinated Mozzarella Balls, Olives & Cherry Tomatoes Skewers

Mini Meat Balls - BBQ Sauce

Lemon Cheese Cake w/ Strawberry Grand Marnier Sauce


This week we are hosting a Christmas lunch for some of the local realtors. We are serving a Mexican theme menu which seems to be popular with East Texas residents.


We hope that everyone is enjoying the holiday season!


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